Kirsten Hassenfeld, Blue Star, 2012, paper with mixed media, 47" x 30" x 30"




Since 1948, the centennial year of Saint-Gaudens’s birth, the Saint-Gaudens Memorial has sponsored exhibitions that feature both historical and contemporary art. Located in the Picture Gallery and occasionally on the grounds, the roster of exhibitions (2-3 per season) span from exploring the creative talent of the Cornish Colony, to artists working in a range of media while responding to the park’s collections and other local artistic and natural stimuli. Each summer one of the exhibitions features the work of the Saint-Gaudens Fellow selected the previous year.


Our exhibitions program provides visitors with insights into the evolution of artistic expression over time, highlighting innovative contemporary artists alongside the work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was forward-thinking in his own era. Through these exhibitions and programs, the Saint-Gaudens Memorial seeks to promote sculpture, the arts, and the creative legacy of Saint-Gaudens and the Cornish Colony. Exhibitions are included with paid admission to Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park.

The Picture Gallery is sponsored by the Trustees of the Saint-Gaudens Memorial in cooperation with the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park.


Nancy Winship Milliken

August 19 - October 29, 2023

Describing her sculpture as “contemporary pastoralism,” Winship Milliken is inspired by our age-old relationship to nature as a way to consider ecological questions in the present. She creates environmental and site-specific sculptures in both urban and rural settings using natural materials like sheep’s wool or earth/clay from pasture fields surrounding the studio. Her design is based around the principle of keeping materials close to their original state with the goal of transforming the viewer, not the materials. Winship Milliken’s work, whether site-specific, or in the gallery setting ultimately addresses complex issues involved in sustainable living. Much of the work is made in collaboration with farmers, artisans, poets and environmental studies interns from universities all over the nation. The studio culture creates the space and time for mentoring creative environmental leadership.

Nancy Winship Milliken, pasture song walk


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