Augustus Saint-Gaudens


Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848–1907), a sculptor of French-Irish immigrant roots, was the most esteemed American sculptor of his day. Over four decades, he lived in New York, Paris, Rome, and Cornish, New Hampshire. Saint-Gaudens worked in Cornish during the summers between 1885 and 1897, and then year-round after 1900. His outstanding works include major public commissions, such as Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Monument (1877–80) and General William Tecumseh Sherman Monument (1892–1903) in New York; Abraham Lincoln: The Man (Standing Lincoln) (1884–87) in Chicago; Adams Memorial (1886–91) in Washington, DC; and Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Regiment Memorial (1884–97) in Boston. Saint-Gaudens also produced portrait busts and reliefs of many notable individuals, and created designs for the US $10 and $20 gold coins first minted in 1907. 


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Public Sculpture


Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial (1884–97), Boston Common. Learn More



Abraham Lincoln: The Man (Standing Lincoln) (1884–87), Lincoln Park. Learn More

      New York

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Monument (1877–80), Madison Square Park. Learn More


General William Tecumseh Sherman Monument (1892–1903), Grand Army Plaza. Learn More



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      Washington, DC

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