Nancy Winship Milliken, pasture song walk

Nancy Winship Milliken

The Nature of Memory

Describing her sculpture as “contemporary pastoralism,” Winship Milliken is inspired by our age-old relationship to nature as a way to consider ecological questions in the present. She creates environmental and site-specific sculptures in both urban and rural settings using natural materials like sheep’s wool or earth/clay from pasture fields surrounding the studio. Her design is based around the principle of keeping materials close to their original state with the goal of transforming the viewer, not the materials. Winship Milliken’s work, whether site-specific, or in the gallery setting ultimately addresses complex issues involved in sustainable living. Much of the work is made in collaboration with farmers, artisans, poets and environmental studies interns from universities all over the nation. The studio culture creates the space and time for mentoring creative environmental leadership.

  • Exhibition

  • August 19 - October 29, 2023

  • The Nature of Memory