Chehalis Hegner

On Photography and Healing
“You offered to make pictures with me that day in the theatre. I pulled you into a swiftly dwindling stream of light with one hand– and now the images we made have become the embodiment of such immense feeling.
It was a scene about recognizing and overcoming pain, of reaching out to attempt to heal you because I, myself, needed healing; we gave presence to emotions long ago frozen…
It’s true that I was in control of the images being made, for I was the one who held the camera…Yes, I was in control of my hand, but I didn’t want to have power over you. My hand wanted only to understand you as it explored your mutable, beautiful, terrified, satisfied face. I am still not sure why I put my hand inside of the black, ripped glove when I did — Something unconscious and impulsive guided me…it felt very innocent, but also powerful.”