BREACH: Logbook 22 | BOUND

Courtney M. Leonard

Acknowledging oceans as a critical space of globalization BREACH re-contextualizes in material forms the memories and lived experiences of communities and their relationships with water through an annual visual logbook. BREACH: LOGBOOK 22 | BOUNDcreates an invitation to contemplate water as a mode of transportation in reflection of its historical ties to the cultural landscapes of Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park, as well as a threatened resource through an account of the Connecticut River as it stretches and opens to the Long Island Sound. From fresh water to salt water, what are our relationships to upstream and downstream systems?  What does it mean to be bound for a destination and also bound to a place? What responsibilities do we have to the cultural landscape that sustains us?


Courtney M. Leonard is a Shinnecock artist and filmmaker, whose work explores marine biology, Indigenous food sovereignty, migration, and human environmental impact. Leonard’s current projects articulate the multiple definitions of the term breach and investigate and document Indigenous communities’ historical ties to water, marine life, and native cultures of subsistence.

  • Exhibition

  • May 28 - July 12, 2022