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We are excited to introduce our second Picture Gallery exhibition of the season, Jane Marsching’s Test Site: Sensing. The show will open on July 12, 2014 and run through August 31, 2014. Marsching lives in Massachusetts, where she works at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design as a professor and sustainability fellow. In 2009, Marsching spent the winter at the Blue Hill Observatory as an artist in resident where she created works in response to the historic and current research being done at this century-old weather station. Test Site: Sensing will include Marsching’s work from the Blue Hill residency, as well as new works created for her exhibition at Saint Gaudens’ Picture Gallery.

I have been contemplating facts, fears, hopes, love, and loss around this turning point in our history where we are finally coming to terms with the impending climate crisis, though we are not yet acting decisively. The work engages citizen science, air quality, the inter-connectedness of all things and the importance of story telling. I am creating some experimental parafoil kites that can fly a small air quality sensor to measure particulate matter and various gases in the air either indoors or out. Texts from ecological surveys, love stories, and the news encircle the room and hang from the kites.

Jane Marsching