• Presentation of Saint-Gaudens’s magnificent relief of Louise Miller Howland to Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park
  • Saint-Gaudens’s magnificent relief of Louise Miller Howland


June 23, 2019
Little Studio, Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park

Welcome from the SGNHP
Rick Kendall, Superintendent

Comments on the gift and thanks to donors
Thayer Tolles, President, Saint-Gaudens Memorial

Words from John Drake, descendent of Louise Miller Howland

Signing of the Deed of Gift
Rick Kendall and Gardiner Hempel, Treasurer, SGM

Words about Louise Miller Howland
SGNHP Curator Dr. Henry Duffy

Words from U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen

As the centerpiece of its centennial celebrations, the Saint-Gaudens Memorial acquired and gifted the SGNHP Saint-Gaudens’s magnificent relief of Louise Miller Howland. The gift of this sculpture is a tangible symbol of the partnership between the SGM and the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park, one that has been strong since the SGM transferred this property to the federal government in 1964.

Saint-Gaudens’s Louise Miller Howland has taken its place among more than 10,000 works in the park’s unparalleled collection and is accessible to some 40,000 visitors each season in this glorious spot in the Upper Valley.

This sculpture is one of the few works by Saint-Gaudens that had remained in the hands of the descendants of the original owners, making it an all-the-more special acquisition. Present at the event were previous owners of the relief, John and Dale Drake, as well as John’s cousin Dr. Hugh Montgomery. Mr. Drake and Dr. Montgomery are the great-grandsons of Louise Miller Howland./

Financial supporters who contributed generously to make this gift a reality:

  • National Park Foundation
  • Achiles and Bodman Foundation
  • The J.M. Kaplan Fund
  • The Estate of John W. Payson
  • The Byrne Foundation
  • Putnam Foundation and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation