From left to right:
Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Cornish, 1904
Augustus Saint-Gaudens in front of a variation of Amor Caritas, Paris, 1898
Augustus Saint-Gaudens with finished clay model of Standing Lincoln, Cornish, 1887

Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907), the most renowned American sculptor of his day, worked in New York, Paris, Rome, and Cornish, New Hampshire. His outstanding works include major public commissions such as the Standing Lincoln in Chicago, the Farragut Monument and Sherman Monument in New York, the Shaw Memorial in Boston and the Adams Memorial in Washington DC.  He also produced cameo and bronze relief portraits of many notable individuals, and created the famous 1907 $20.00 gold piece.

Visit an online catalog of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s work.  Please note this catalog has been archived and is not updated. (This link will open the catalog in a new, separate window in your browser.)

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